Who am I

I am Jessica, A “Full Time Working Mother” and a part-time lifestyle & mom blogger which I really enjoy because no designation in this entire world can be compared with mother. With my 6 years old daughter and 2-year-old son, my task of being a mother is nowhere less than a challenge.

My daughter who is now 6 years old undoubtedly made me go through an entirely new phase of my life, but she also taught me things that were nowhere in my dictionary like Patience, Tolerance, A running mother, and sometimes playing a role of superwoman.

As she grew up a little and we started taking her out at gatherings or functions, she would deny anyone offering her chocolates, and unlike other kids of her age, she would be sincere and responsible with the own things. People often asked me that how do I make my daughter learn things and then I would just say, I teach her, and she learns.

The idea of this blog was completely unexpected. I came up with “Mommystimline” to help mothers like me deal with their kids in the best possible and less messy way. Not only do I share my thoughts on something, but I got to interact with so many amazing people with their own thoughts that it gets counted as an amazing experience in such a short journey of this blog.

I invest all my time that I could take out from my full-time job of being a mother and share all my experience on this blog. I know many of you are just like me. Apart from dealing with your kids and teaching them the basic things, I also share my experience about health and fitness, beauty, skin, and hair care.